The world has never seen technology develop as fast as it does now in the 21st century. We believe that it is important for us to make educational technology catch up with this pace, overtake the sluggish national curricula and create a new quality that is good enough for our own children. As such, we have created several app families which, supporting each other; can draw a fuller world around children and young people.


Museumcrawler is my undertaking which aims to unite the secrets surrounding exciting museum treasures with storytelling and modern technologies. No better combination can exist for me to show the world the way I see it. I want to show it to everyone, as using Instagram, I can show a young person pressing their phone on one side of the world an object in a museum on the other side, through a captivating, authentic story. This way I learn and teach at the same time.


The world in the 21st century is far more complex than the one we were born into. The availability, flow and processing of information has accelerated and changed in a way that even us, who created and live in it have difficulties finding our way around. As parents we often meet other parents who are at a loss regarding digital life and education of their children. That is why we created a form of communication for mobile devices, an e-book, which allows children to learn about the world around us and them, in the way that interests them most, by having fun through stories and games. We, on the other hand, can rest assured that they’re safe, as Cheekyheads is absolutely child friendly.

Naughty Rascals, Galactic Surfers, Neuronsurge

Like Cheekyheads, these games, too, are based on stories, but Neuronsurge makes the same thing even more enjoyable through modern 3D technology and games connected to the stories. In creating our games, we started from the assumption that the children in our target group make no distinction between having fun and learning, and so the learning process occurs through play. Our developments help children to learn about the world around them, making them feel more at home in it, and providing them usable knowledge.